Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rasa's Road Rash

We know the business of "owies" all too well. The girls have been toppling over since they started standing and walking around furniture at about 9 months. Walking without assistance brought on a whole new level of bumps and bruises. Now the with the girls running their falls seem to happen in slow motion while I yell Oooohh, scrunch up my face and come running.

Yesterday while on the driveway Rasa ran across, stumbled and fell with such force her little face smacked the pavement (doesn't the mental imagine just make you cringe a little?). Poor baby. She only cried for a minute and then was back at it.

Rasa with her road rash mustache:

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Lori said...

Oh poor Rasa!!! It never gets easier, watching your baby stumble and fall. I know that heart in your throat feeling all too well! She;s such a trooper! :)