Friday, March 19, 2010

Welcome Spring!

With spring comes new beginnings! I love the change of seasons in Minnesota. Some complain about the bitter cold and long winters but what else would make spring so sweet?!

I can only imagine the new beginnings coming to my family this spring. The girls are little people who know exactly what they want and are now able to get it for themselves. I watch them move around a room and they're so busy these days, reaching, touching, walking, running, climbing up and climbing under.

They're exerting their independence and enjoying their new found powers to say yes and better yet, to say NO! I have a feeling Royce and I are going to continue to hide smiles as we put on our poker faces, after all, no means no....well unless your a toddler because then no means no, or maybe, or actually yes! Everything they do is cute although not always appropriate but we use a gentle approach to directing them in the in the right direction as we continue down the path of trying to raise humane humans. Lord help us!

In honor of spring Rasa has sprouted curls! Now we have two curly girls. At least I'll know how to fix their hair!


Anonymous said...

Oh Yes! She has 'sprouted' curls! LOL!

Lori said...

I LOL at the use of 'sprouted' also! As always, your posts bring a giant smile to my face! :)