Tuesday, March 9, 2010

14 months and counting....

I had just enough time this afternoon to cook dinner, clean up my mess and clean up the girls play room before Adia woke up from her afternoon nap (Rasa is still sleeping). Adia's busy with a pile of books and is currently ripping the legs off of the animals in one of our pop up books (I surrender, why do they even bother making pop up books for babies?!). I don't ever seem to have time to blog and when I do I forget the new things the girls are up to. I'm forcing myself to do Wordless Wednesday just so I can remember to take pictures during the week and at least have something up here on a regular basis.

Today's cuteness:
I brought the girls to "school" this morning and after we got in the door I was taking their coats off. We were standing in front of the preschool/kindergarten screening room and an Early Educator was sitting at her desk. Adia walked in and stood in the middle of the room, flashed a huge smile and waved hello to the Teacher. I called her three times and she wouldn't come over to me....just kept smiling. The Teacher was joking that Adia was there to start preschool and wasn't going to take "no" for an answer.

Rasa's now obsessed with babies. She loves baby dolls, pictures of babies and looking at her baby self in the mirror. Each time she sees any of the above she says "baybee" in a southern accent. She walked around school pointing at all of the babies today saying "baby" each time.
Note to my Mom: this does not mean I need to have another baby. The answer is NO!

They're both talking now more than ever. We lost count of Rasa's words around fifteen but everyday she says something new. Adia isn't far behind her and enunciates perfectly. She was pointing to the Adidas symbol on Royce's shirt this weekend and he said "Adidas". Adia smiled and said "Adidas" perfectly right after him. The girls both sign a lot of words they can't say yet and Adia seems to enjoy signing especially.

The two of them hug and kiss all the time. It's cute for company and sometimes I think they deliberately put on a show for people. I love that they are so affectionate to each other and to us. Royce and I are both very affectionate and kiss and hug them constantly so I don't know what I expected.

They like to wrestle and giggle together. One giggles and the other giggles louder and this goes on and on. Rasa is always going after Adia saying, "tickle tickle tickle" while she tackles her and Adia explodes in laughter.

They love chasing Lucy and playing with her. Lucy is so good with them and so gentle and tolerant. Adia is obsessed with Buddy and walks over to him every chance she gets. Buddy gets really excited but probably because the girls toss him food from their high chairs. Of course every fuzzy animal is called a puppy and I say close enough!

I have a feeling this summer I'll be in the best shape of my life. The girls run faster each day and literally always in opposite directions. It's been so nice lately I've let them run up and down our little street during the day and I'm sure the old ladies are probably laughing and rolling their eyes at my attempts to keep them in the same general vicinity.

Royce and I are having more fun than ever. It's amazing to grow two little people. Both develop at the same time but in such different ways there is NEVER a dull moment. I'm so in awe of the four little feet and four tiny hands that rule my world all day, everyday. What delightful little things children are!

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