Friday, March 26, 2010

It's a Masterpiece Not a Mess

The girls and I have been outside every afternoon for the past couple weeks enjoying the new found freedom us Minnesotans dream about all winter. They love going outside so much that almost immediately in the morning they're handing me their shoes and coats. We got so spoiled with the early spring and warm temps that yesterday when the highs were only expected to reach 35 degrees I was scrambling to remember what we did inside all winter to avoid boredom!

After reading through a pile of books, chasing Lucy around the living room and jumping and wrestling on the bed I decided to break out the crayons. We ended up coloring for a lot longer than I anticipated. Attention spans of toddlers seem to be about one minute for each year old they are. They really enjoyed coloring and it's been a while since we've done it. Adia especially enjoyed eating the crayons. Rasa had a few as well. Did you know crayola's turn into a paint type substance when chewed and drooled on? At least I had enough sense to buy washable crayons. I haven't quite figured out how to get it off the wood floor or the fireplace glass however.

quiet, artists at work

Which color tastes best?? Oh, all of them I see.

Our masterpiece...

After we were finished I hung the picture on the wall in the playroom at the girls level. They were pretty excited about it walking back to it every so often to smile and pat it with pride as if to say, I did this!

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Royce said...

It was a great idea to hang this on the wall at their level! They stop to check out their handy work all the time!