Thursday, August 26, 2010

Come as you are.

This is how Adia rolls. I especially love that she rests her tiny feet on the table and the threatening look she's giving me while clutching her fork ever so tightly (as I quickly back away with my camera).

Royce and I are come as you are type of people. You are welcome to be who you are because you are never anyone else better than you are yourself. The girls are unique and different people and they have likes and dislikes like every other person to grace this earth. Rasa has a thing for hats and sunglasses right now. It's ok that they ruin a perfectly adorable outfit (deep breaths). Adia is still fixated with "pretty's" and each day has demands for not only what she will wear but where she wants it put on her body.

I absolutely LOVE that toddlers could care less what other people think they look like. In many ways I wish we never lost that (According to my Sister I never did...I think I dress cute!). It's all expression right now be it as silly, cute, obnoxious as it may be, it feels good! It gives them control and it makes them happy. FREEDOM TO BE in it's purest form.

People have said to me "wait until they want to wear it out in public". They do and it will never bother me because I love them the way they are and the way they want to be today.

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