Sunday, August 22, 2010

I hate being sick.

I'm watching the girls play outside through the window in my bedroom that has tiny fingerprints all over it. It's hot but they don't mind. If I was out there I'd hand them the hose that they love to spray each other with and fill up the kiddie pool or water table. I've been away from them a lot more than usual working lately and they notice. I was hoping to spend all of today with them since I worked yesterday morning but yesterday afternoon I got nailed with a bug that's keeping me hurting and in bed.

I leave the door to my room open and they grace me with their presence every few minutes leaving me toys next to my head. It's not the same, I want to pick them up and throw them in the air and sing and dance with them. No one does those things better than Mamma. Even though Royce is managing just fine I can't resist hollering out suggestions on what he should do to keep them happy. I'm sure he loves that.

I hate feeling like I'm missing out on them, even just a couple days.

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