Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"I poop mama"

Rasa has a very good vocabulary and for a few months now right after she would poop in her diaper she would come up to me and say "I poop Mama"and grab her diaper. The past few weeks she's been telling me during and sometimes BEFORE she poops. I have zero expectations of potty training early - to be honest I'm just not up for it anytime soon and realistically from anything I've read it sounds like 3 is the magic age to expect potty training anyhow. Adia will start to take her diaper off after she poops but I don't believe she's all that aware before it happens.

At 19 months is it even worth getting a potty for them, specifically Rasa since she's aware before she has to go that she's going to? I'd love to hear from my friends with potty trained kids what you think.


Heather said...

Morgan showed no interest in it around about 22 months but I was ready for it and thought she was! We tried and tried, it worked for a couple of weeks and then she regressed. I just let it go since she was still so young and she obviously was not ready. Two months later she basically did it herself. In my opinion when they're ready they'll tell you. One of my girlfriends bought the pottys just to get her little one used to having it around and had her little girl sit on it (with a diaper on) and go just to get used to the idea. Didn't take long for her to want to go in it and I think helped with the whole "scariness" of the potty. M had major poop issues for a couple of weeks because she was scared of the water hitting her butt. It's an adventure! :)

Mary Budge said...

Well, of course Steve had our girls potty trained before 2 years old. He would put those thick cotton training pants on them and just let them pee where ever - the thought being they wouldn't like the wet sensation. Fortunately we had hard wood floors! They continued to wear diapers at night for a while after turning two. It sounds like Rasa may be ready to start trying!