Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The what haps

The girls are really enjoying the summer! They spend every night terrorizing the neighborhood, running free and visiting everyone in a two block radius of our house. Our next door neighbor has adopted them as her only grandchildren (cookies and gifts included!) and they love her so much they run over there first every night. Last night Adia sat patiently waiting on her front step and when Skip came out Adia grabbed her hand and walked her over to our place to show her the pool - lol!

Last week one of my best friends lost her Dad. She lives up in Grand Marais about 45 minutes from my parents cabin. My Mom (BLESS HER HEART!) and I brought the girls up and decided to make a week of it. We stayed the first night in Duluth to break up the 5.5 hour drive. My Mom (aka Nanna) booked us a fabulous suite at a brand new hotel in Canal Park. The girls HAD A BLAST on the balcony watching the horse drawn carriages, the seagulls, people and pets on the board walk. I have never seen them so excited about anything in their lives! When we first arrived at the hotel we let them explore and they tore around every square inch of that place; the dinning area, lounge, 1st floor, 2nd floor, 3rd floor etc! After three hours in the car they deserved it.

Day 2 was hard because Adia wouldn't nap in the car so therefore she didn't nap. Mix that with eye teeth popping through and you have a crying screaming combination. All in all she did really well and Rasa was an angel, yep I said Rasa was an angel! Their personalities have flipped yet again. We made it up to the cabin around 2 and the girls were overjoyed to watch the excavating my parents are having done on their property. They saw a bulldozer and a crane type thing in action. It kept them busy for an hour easily. My Dad babysat for the night while my Mom and I attended the Memorial Service. My other best friend was there so it was nice for the three of us to be together.

Day 3 we had my two best friends, Jess and Amy, Derek and Weston (Jess' kids) and Myron (Amy's dog) up to the cabin for a day at the beach and a pontoon ride. It was lovely and all had fun. Adia was cracking me up because Amy's dog is a Great Dane and she kept pointing at him and saying "Neeeeh". In her defense he is as big as a horse! Day 4 and 5 were filled with cabin fun, hanging in the sun, great food and Papa's cupcakes, on the boats, at the beach and finally at Jess' for lunch on our way out. What a beautiful trip and even though it's so hard to see a friend in pain over such a great loss it's special to be there so they know how very much they are loved.

Thank you Nanna for such a beautiful trip and your help and energy!

Other than that I've taking on a small business venture that's just sort of taken off under my feet. I decided to take my passion for photography and run with it and since my little sweethearts and this blog were my inspiration I've named it Doubledutch Photography. I've been busy every week and having a lot of fun being creative! It's exciting and busy and time consuming and all of that in one but I'll manage! My priority will always be with the girls FIRST and foremost. Normally my sessions only take me away for a couple hours at a time, most of my work is done on my laptop at home but I had my first full day away from them a few weeks ago when I was asked to assist another beautiful and talented photographer in shooting a wedding. We had a blast but at the end of the day my heart hurt and I actually cried driving home I missed my babies so much! I've got a couple more weddings I'm assisting over the next couple weeks so I'm sure it will get easier and after all, they are at home with SuperDad having a ton of fun and not missing me lol! My goal is to just stick with two sessions a week, that alone is enough work for the entire week with editing and then I won't feel like I'm having to sacrifice my time or quality of time with my precious little girls. Wish me luck!

Gymnastics is over now and we had a lot of fun but probably won't continue until maybe winter or even next year. The girls are still in their weekly music class and we signed up for Fall session! They're also doing a baby book club each week and "school" starts again mid September! The summer will be over before we know it!

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