Thursday, August 12, 2010


The girls, Adia in particular, have been voicing their likes and dislikes when it comes to clothes and shoes. Rasa had a thing all winter where she refused to wear a pair of purple shoes (that she picked out in the store!) but hasn't had issues with anything else since. Adia is a girly girl at this point and will scream and jump when she's given new clothes and shoes that are PINK or super girly. She loves sandals and dresses and calls everything like that "pretty". Rasa likes to be naked and wiggles so much when I try and dress her that I've been very tempted the past few weeks to give up and bring her out in the buff. If only I wasn't so paranoid that everyone in public is a creepy perv. Probably better that way.

I went shopping for the girls fall/winter clothes last week and it was different than before. Clothes looked like Adia or they looked like Rasa. They really have defined themselves right now...already. It could change and probably will but I thought it was fun to pick things that they would like, not necessarily things that I loved. When I got home Rasa was uninterested but Adia was dancing around almost overwhelmed by her pink shoes and all of the girly clothes.

In the girls closet there are about a half a dozen grocery bags filled with clothes from the past year that are too small or out of season. They like to rummage through and bring things to me to put on them. I humor them and usually put whatever it is on over the top of whatever they're wearing until they pick something else they have to have on and we switch it up. Yesterday Adia brings me this pair of blue winter footsie pajamas that she wore last winter and is a bit too tall to wear them again this year. I had just gotten her dressed to leave for music class and she cries "Prettttty! Pretttty!!!" as she held up these winter pj's. Huh? Pretty? I should add it's 92 degrees outside and muggy like the deep south. Fine. I put the pajama's on her, she's happy and we're late for class because it takes me ten minutes to convince her to wear something a bit lighter. She's settles on a t-shirt and a pink skirt, go figure. Maybe the heat caused a temporary lapse in her pretty judgement?

Adia delights in her "pretty":

Rasa pouting because she brought me a pair of pants that I put on her legs when she wanted them on her head and I really should have known better:

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