Sunday, December 23, 2012

Macy's 8th floor

We almost missed out on our annual Downtown Macy's 8th floor trip because of the flu. I'm so glad we didn't! My Mom and I brought the girls on Friday and we had a great time. The display has been the same for years but each year the girls notice more and more.

Our Santa visit was a success! Rasa was particularly excited to see him and had promised me she was going to sit on his lap. Even still I couldn't believe it when she actually did! Adia was more hesitant but my Mom plopped her down and she was okay (kind of!). The girls wanted to know if Santa had a puppy or a kitty at home so I asked him to tell the girls and he went into an elaborate story about how he had both and what they liked to do etc. He must have spent between 5 and 10 minutes with them. He was so unbelievably sweet! He asked the girls what they wanted for Christmas and Adia told him "a cabbage baby" to which he said, "Oh a Cabbage Patch Doll". When we got home she said, "Santa didn't get it right! He said Cabbage doll. I want a Cabbage Baby!" lol! I assured her he knew what she wanted.

After Santa, Nanna bought the girls a cookie and we went to the puppet show. That's always my favorite part :) We had lunch downstairs at Macy's and then headed over to Candyland so the girls could pick out a treat! Unicorn gross but I can see the appeal to kids!

It really was a lot of fun! One of the things I love about doing things with my Mom and the girls is how relaxed it always is, we do what we want, we're not afraid of crowds or how long it will take. We just want to have fun, so we do :)

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