Thursday, December 20, 2012

the things they play.....

The girls play together all day, every day. Listening in on them is usually hilarious. They build off of each others ideas and come up with some pretty creative ways to play so I decided to start this, "the things they play" to document.

What sparked my idea was the following:

The girls were pulling things out from their bedroom into the living room getting all set up. The first thing to go on the floor was a boppy pillow. Adia told Rasa to get in position to which Rasa crouched down on the bobby all huddled up. Adia covered her entirely with a blanket and then proceeded to sit on her, like a chicken on an egg. After a few seconds Adia jumped off and out emerged Rasa from under the blanket chirping like a baby bird. Adia screams! "My baby bird! You hatched!"