Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Little Monkey

After we got home from "school" today I fed the girls yogurt and had a banana waiting for them. The longer it took them to eat the yogurt the more tired and cranky they became. After it was finished I picked up Rasa first and brought her to their room to lay her down for a nap. Adia stayed behind me on the loft. About two minutes later I walked back down the hall to the loft and I see Adia standing quietly (huge red flag) at the couch with her back to me. When she turned around she dropped the banana I had left sitting there. I picked it up off the floor and my hand was slathered in banana mush. Upon further inspection I realized she chewed through the peel and ate half of the banana!


Anonymous said...

Cheekey got to the banana - LOL! Little monkey!

dellis said...

this seriously made me laugh out loud. and then i went on to something else and thought about it and busted out laughing again. too cute!