Sunday, February 21, 2010

The recent what haps

As Rasa and Adia grow and develop right before our eyes it's good for me to stop and take the time to write things down. Every week yields new things and suddenly I find our days and weeks running together quickly as we get involved in more and more activities. We are having SO MUCH FUN!

With the recommendation of Royce's Cousin, Amy, I got the girls involved in Early Childhood Family Education several months ago. It's been a wonderful experience for all of us. The girls adore going to school every week and playing with all of the great toys and activities they have set up just for little ones their age. The Teachers are great and I really enjoy seeing the other Mom's and Dad's each week. It's given the girls a lot of independence that I and the Teachers have noticed. The girls really delight in the singing and dancing that happens in the music circle at the end of each playtime. Some weeks they get to play different instruments too. Rasa especially loves singing and likes to really belt it out after everyone else has stopped. Adia has fun showing off (she has her Dad and Grandpa Oly's personality) and loves playing with the bigger kids.

Friday night ECFE offered a family fun night called Swim and Gym at the local middle school. It was a blast! We all went swimming first and then after played in the two gyms that were set up just for kids four and under. Swimming is always a big hit with the girls and they really had a fun time in the gym too. One of the gyms had cones set up and over a dozen little riding toys and that was their favorite. The girls were so excited about the night that they sang and giggled on the drive home. I didn't think we'd ever get them to sleep.

We didn't bring a camera to Swim and gym because of the hassle of having to keep track of it amongst the load of other things you have to lug with you when you have two little ones.

I'm sure I sound redundant writing of my affection and love for these two little girls but I really can't express it enough. They are so profoundly connected to my heart. I still tear up thanking God for them. We waited so long and wanted both of them so badly that it still overwhelms us looking at them and hugging and kissing them.

The pictures below are of the girls favorite thing of the week: squeezing themselves into boxes and bins. Proof once again that we need not spend so much money on expensive toys when they would rather just play with the boxes!

"We are always too busy for our children; we never give them the time or interest they deserve. We lavish gifts upon them; but the most precious gift - our personal association, which means so much to them - we give grudgingly." -Mark Twain

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Thanks for this addition to your blog, Lissa. I love reading them so much!