Saturday, February 6, 2010

Rub-a-dub-dub two toddlers in the tub

Life must be pretty exciting as a toddler. Discovering all sorts of new things everyday and new uses for other things you already knew you had. The girls move nonstop all day everyday. They're both walking and jumping and climbing. I've been writing a lot about the bath tub lately but honestly they are so infatuated with the water I truly believe it's now the highlight of their day. The more comfortable they get in it the more daring they are which is good and bad.

Bath time tonight was exhausting. Adia's discovered the baby girl that looks back and waves at her in the shiny silver tub handle. Worse yet she's discovered the handle that goes across the side of the tub and was using it to do pull ups and flipping herself upside down (you can't make this stuff up people). Rasa has a new found love of the underwater and dives under with gusto while she slips out of Royce's hands over and over, both of us panicking each time that she's going to drown while we're sitting right there! Two toddlers in the tub doesn't equal rub-a-dub-dub. We all get really wet but mostly it's a lot of wrestling and screaming and splashing and giggling. How did my quiet babies turn into such wild children? I blame Royce's genes. Everyone knows I was a perfect child :)

As I type, Adia is jumping next to me on the couch drooling on (and probably ruining) my new cell phone and Rasa is on the floor grinding the left over pizza into my white carpet. I don't know how she got it. I would get up and stop her but I'm too tired. Where is Royce you might ask yourself.....he's on his way up to the liquor store because we need a drink!

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Anonymous said...

The stories are only going to get funnier, don't you think?! LOL