Sunday, February 21, 2010

New shoes

Spring is coming and the boots that the girls have been wearing since November are getting to be a little warm. Royce and I went shopping with the girls this weekend and I decided to pick up a couple pairs of shoes for them. They are no big deal, just the crib shoes they've always worn with the leather bottoms. The selection wasn't great but I had Adia in my cart so she picked out two pairs.

When we got the girls home I wanted to let them try the shoes out on the carpet to make sure they weren't too long and that they could walk in them well. I put Rasa's on her first. Right away she pulled up her pant legs to get a better look and smiled. She stood up, walked a few steps, stopped and pulled her pant legs up again to look at and smile at her new shoes. Rasa took off down the hall really fast almost to say "these shoes make me run faster!".

I managed to catch Adia and got her to sit still long enough for me to put her shoes on. She was VERY excited as she sat there looking at them and wiggling her feet. Her smile was literally from ear to ear. She stood up and then stood on her head so she could get a better look at them. She took a few steps but kept falling over because she kept leaning too far forward staring at her new shoes! Finally she sat back down, kicked her legs out in front of herself and wiggled her feet while smiling at both Royce and I. I said, "ADIA do you have new shoes?!" and she looked at them and gave me a huge smile. So proud of her new shoes.

I need to remember revel in the little things! What joy you can get out of something so simple.

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