Friday, February 12, 2010

We Are Family

"Families are forever. No matter what happens your family's always going to be there for you" Rosie O'Donnell A Family Is A Family Is A Family

Rasa and Adia have this closeness that's so amazing to me. The girls really enjoy chasing each other (while screaming) and playing tug of water with clean laundry. They love getting into my textile bin and playing with all of the different fabrics and ribbons and just making a huge mess together. They do things to entertain each other like putting things on their heads or throwing toys off of the loft. As soon as one hears the other laugh they both giggle in unison. The sound of the two of them laughing together must affect me chemically because I get a rush of joy like nothing else in the world.

Adia will wake up earlier than Rasa from naps and as soon as she hears Rasa's voice on the baby monitor she will race over to their room with excitement. They still move close to each other in their sleep, something they've done since the day we brought them home. They like to be very close. Adia LOVES making Rasa laugh and will stop at almost nothing to do it.

I always catch Rasa starring at Adia in admiration. Rasa acts more like a big sister. The other day I was changing Adia and Rasa was standing next to me. When I went to grab a wet wipe Rasa grabbed it first and wiped Adia's butt for me! She's going to be my little helper I see.

The girls love watching Royce and I hug or kiss (G rated of course). They smile and watch closely. The two of them kiss and hug constantly. We've had to teach them the meaning of the word "gentle" because Adia likes to slap Rasa on the head and Rasa likes to poke Adia's eyes. When we say "gentle" they stop and hug or kiss. Adia says "Ohohoho" while she's doing it and usually holds on until Rasa has to push her off of her.

The girls don't always get long of course but that's a part of being family. Despite our differences we will stand by each other and love each other. We will always be family. Rasa and Adia will always be sisters and that's why Royce and I will always work hard to teach them how very special each of them is and how very special they are together.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful. I want to be with them now. They change SO much in just a few days!