Thursday, February 3, 2011

Art by Rasa Bea

Rasa wanted to color with her purple crayon on the dining room floor last night after dinner. Royce handed her a pile of papers and she started drawing. After about five minutes she told Royce to look at what she had drawn. Both of us immediately thought it looked like a face so Royce asked her what it was and she told him it was a picture of her cousin Olivia.

Not bad for a new two year old :)

She drew four more pictures of Olivia:

My Mom (Nana) said she'd love to see Rasa do a picture of her so she could see what Rasa thinks of her. I was joking and saying I'd be afraid to see what she thinks of me - she'd probably draw a face with horns and a pitchfork! Nah she actually seems to like me quite a lot :)

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Anonymous said...

There may be times when she would draw you with horns! Make sure she doesn't have crayons when she's mad! LOL!