Thursday, February 3, 2011

Choosing to stay positive

Our house is back in the midst of sickies again. Adia started this round with a temp and a quick cold, I followed with a longer chest cold that's now turned into a head cold, Rasa has a horrible head and chest cold and last but not least Royce's cold has just started so the verdict is out on what he'll end up with! Fun for all.

I've mentioned before that the girls cold they got in September never went away and after several trips to their Pediatrician's office they determined the girls have asthma. We were on two nebs a day and then were able to go down to one but since it didn't quit do the trick we bumped it back up to two and now we've been hit again so we're having to add others in between (for Rasa anyway). Since the in between nebs make them jittery and wide awake we try not to give those close to bedtime. Tonight I'm planning on keeping a neb next to my bed so when Rasa comes in to find me in the middle of the night, as she always does, and tries to sleep amongst the hacking I can just neb her and hopefully provide her with some relief.

You know me. You know I hate drugs and love using natural ways to deal with issues. I fully believe diet can change your life and prevent disease, sometimes even fight disease. I believe we can go back to simple natural things to find healing, comfort and relief. I am bewildered with asthma. There just aren't natural alternatives aside from prevention but when you don't know the cause you can't prevent it!

Aside from trying to keep everyone feeling a little better we are dealing with water damage in our two upstairs bedrooms. We had an insurance adjuster out here today that told us our exterior walls in our bedrooms need to be torn down and rebuilt and the beautiful floor that my brother so artfully crafted needs to be sanded and re-sealed. Our roof got a massive ice dam that caused water to leak and seep up from the under the floor. The thought of the construction is just plain, yuck. The dust, the demolition, the hammering, the foot traffic. Ish. Our house is coming up on twelve years old and we bought it ten years ago. They just simply are not made well and we find that out more and more each year.

Regardless of the what haps I'm choosing to be content and thankful. I'm glad my beautiful little girls are very well taken care of by us in our home and when they don't feel good they can snuggle up to Momma during the day. I'm thankful we're going to move out of this house in the not so distant future into someplace new and exciting. I'm happy that I've been blessed with lots of work and I'm able to edit after my babies are in bed and have an outlet for my creativity. I always have the peace and quiet confidence that no matter what we're dealing with at the present moment...great times are ahead and we will always be taken care of.

Life is good. Life is way better than good!

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Love you, Lis.