Friday, February 18, 2011

Eat porcupine

At least one, sometimes two nights a week Adia will go to sleep peacefully for the night and awake a half an hour later with a second wind that's more like a hurricane.

This week it was Tuesday night (so far) and when she came walking out of her room with bright eyes and a smile I knew I was in for a late one. We kept the lights off but it didn't keep her from cooking in her kitchen and playing with her toys, loudly of course. Our request to be quiet so as not to wake up Rasa went unheard.

Royce and I were so tired and both of us were threatening to ditch the other and b-line it to bed. With Adia we usually have to tag team.

I decided to rent a movie on Amazon and just surrender to the fact that it was late, I wasn't going to be able to go to bed any time soon so I might as well enjoy myself. Adia sat next to me on the floor and we watched a movie on my laptop and ate popcorn. I'd be lying if I said I didn't thoroughly enjoy her silly company. She laughed hysterically at the funny parts, acted surprised during the suspenseful parts and was worried during the (G rated) scary parts. Watching a two year old watch a movie is more entertaining then just about any movie you could rent. She lasted the entire 1.5 hour movie (way, way, WAY over her "tv" allotment for any day) and then we went to bed, together (leaving Royce sleeping on the couch!).

This afternoon the girls and I were sitting on the bed reading books when Adia hopped down and started pulling on my shirt. When I asked her what she wanted she replied,

"Wanna watch a mooovie on the puter and eat porcupine!"

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