Thursday, February 10, 2011

My two little ducklings, so tiny and sweet, so trusting and happy, I love them so.

I'm up way too late again editing photos, burning cd's and getting everything all packaged up and ready for the post. I was at my friend and photography partner's house editing a wedding we did and didn't get home until almost 2 am last night. I've always said editing is like a black hole. You start, you get wrapped up into it and three, four, even six hours can be gone in a blink!

Everyone here is cozy in bed asleep and I'm hoping to be there soon. My house is a mess again, cleaning is endless even though I do it everyday. I don't care tonight though because I feel like I have an excuse when I'm hard at work :)

I brought the girls WAY across town to see their Pediatrician in his second location today. We had to do an asthma recheck. It was good, informative as always and we've got a plan. Adia's doing great and we've locked down an action plan that is working great for her. Rasa's needed more tweaking so we're still searching for hers but we're all confident we'll get there. I didn't bring a stroller with me today like I usually do because even the double fold down umbrella is hard to get through doorways. Plus unloading one of them out of the car then into the stroller where she waits while I grab her sister and unload her and then load her into the stroller just takes way too much time and I seem to be late to everything already these days! As we walked into the clinic I was holding each of their hands on either side of me. Looking down at Rasa in her purple coat to my right and Adia in her pink one to my left with their little hands in each of mine made me smile and wish someone was there to take a picture of it for me. I had to stop for just a moment to burn the image into my memory. My two little ducklings, so tiny and sweet, so trusting and happy I love them so.

Since I never made it out on my weekly late night grocery shopping expedition this week I knew we had to stop and pick up stuff to make dinner on our way home today. It was frigid cold out so I decided to forgo the stroller once again and wing it with the two of them walking beside me. Slightly off topic: Ask me about the importance of double seated shopping carts someday. They seriously make it possible for parents of twins or two little ones very close in age to shop in their store without hauling around two separate carts with a kid in each! I knew the girls would likely want to touch everything, see things they HAD TO HAVE and cry when I made them put it back but I didn't care today, maybe it's because I was too tired or because I was so desperate, I'm not sure. We walked in and the girls expressions were of excitement. I was walking through and they were running in circles behind me. I had to corral them a few times like a blue heeler does to sheep but they did well. As we were finishing up and walking over to check out I was giving them a little more freedom to follow and when I looked back there they were one after the other following right behind me just like little ducklings. My two little ducklings, so tiny and sweet, so trusting and happy. I love them so.

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