Friday, February 18, 2011

From one tired Momma to another.....

I've spoken quite a bit about my sleepless new life. Well it's not that new becuase I've suffered with insomnia since I was much younger but since having the girls it's brought it all to a new level.

In two + years I've had two nights with 6 solid hours of sleep. Most nights I get four straight and then it's hit or miss after that. I am tired but only when I stop moving which isn't all that often. I have a lot of energy (thank God!) but my mind has paid the price!

I found this really funny tonight. This is my real written conversation:
My friend who has a three week old baby writes, " know you're overly tired when you hear the phrase, "unplug the toilet" and you wonder what kind of toilet gets plugged in. Oy.....I need sleep."

I write, "I must be as tired as you because my first thought was WOW she has fancy toilets in her new house."

See what I mean.

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