Thursday, February 17, 2011

The doll details.....

Ok here's the story on the girls dolls from yesterday's Wordless Wednesday post:

I found a work at home Mama on etsy who makes these beautiful Waldorf inspired creations. I fell in love with the dolls the minute I saw them and had to have them for the girls. It was the beginning of December when I booked the order and Royce (bless his heart) paid for the dolls by working on Thanksgiving Day (don't worry we celebrated that Friday). Can you say Father of The Year! They are both custom one of a kind creations and I was given the liberty of choosing hair color, face style, clothing etc. We got the dolls on Tuesday of this week. The beauty of the dolls is that the doll maker makes them completely by hand from amazing organic fabric imported from Europe. It's softer than I can explain. The dolls are stuffed with real wool that naturally repels dust mites. It's the best choice for "stuffed" toys in kids with asthma. Wool also warms up to your body temperate when you hold it and takes on the smell of your home. When you are out and about and your Little misses home she's got a piece of it to wrap her arms around and squeeze. The hair (or dreadlocks as we say) is hand spun and hand dyed wool. The clothes are all cotton and custom made by the artist from patterns she creates herself. The dolls are beautiful works of art and my girls absolutely love them to pieces. Jeannie, the owner of Peace Creak Natural Dolls, is no longer offering custom dolls but will continue to create dolls for sale on Etsy. Her dolls come in high demand and because she is only a one woman show demand exceeds supply right now.

I wrote a little update to Nana and Poppa who have spent the entire month so far vacationing in AZ and instead of re-wording and typing it all out again here is the cut and paste version of the girls reactions to their belated birthday presents:

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I couldn't resist so I posted WW on my blog a few hours early! Since I'm heading up to Jenn's to edit tonight I wouldn't have time to do it later.

My little's are simply edible and so are their dollies :)

By the way Rasa has been lugging this doll around everywhere and we even had to pull up a chair at the dinner table for her. She slept with her and when she woke up she came running out of the room with her and said "Momma, Momma, Look at her! Oh she's amazing!" lol! Then before dinner when she was drawing I asked her who she was drawing and she said, "it's Mom-moo". That's what she named her doll.

Adia keeps telling me with a very serious face that "Garbrerella (Gabriella) is coot! She's so coot! (cute)". Adia carries hers around by the hair and rips her clothes off. No way, right :) It's nice Jeannie designed a dress for Adia's doll just for that exact purpose. I was one step ahead of Adia on that one!
Mom = 1 Adia = 0


I should add the girls came up with the names completely on their own with no input from me (obviously on Rasa's choice!). I don't know where Mom-moo came from but Gabriella is a character on PBS' Sid The Science Kid.

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I forgot to they fit in the cradles?