Saturday, October 8, 2011

first day of art class!

Royce and the girls just left for their first day of art class. They're taking a class from Articulture called Wee Grow Art and it's just for 2 year olds and their parent. The class looks great and the school is really cool tucked away in the Seward neighborhood of Minneapolis. The school reminds me of my art department in highschool and the studios at MCAD all paint stained and stock piled with art supplies and the smell of oils and acrylics. I still feel inspirited by art on a daily basis and it's been one of the most important things in my life as a young child, teenager and adult. I think it's great the girls have an opportunity to be immersed in art and the freedom that comes from expressing yourself and telling a story that you create all on your own. There is no right or wrong with art, there is no coloring in the lines, and no mistakes to be made. It's a simple and beautiful thing that works so many of your senses and abilities all at the same time. What a gift to introduce to your children!

Adia was nervous and has been telling us for two days she doesn't want to go to art class. Rasa has been really excited asking to go "right now!" all week. Adia has been apprehensive lately about going to music class too but once she gets there she always enjoys herself. I think I messed things up by reading her Llama Llama Misses Mama because in that story the little Llama goes off to school and then his Mama leaves him there. I was telling Adia that Daddy would be there the whole time and she could stay on his lap or next to him the whole time. Even though the girls are growing, and ever so quickly, I get reminders from them that they are just babies still at only 2 years old.

So I'm sitting in a quiet house (too quiet!) drinking my latte and waiting to leave for a photo session (my own art!). Part of me feels excited for them and part of me is nervous too. I don't know why! I'm used to being the person doing new things with the girls and dragging them all over town. It's hard to watch them pull away and a little part of me feeling like i'm missing out even though I know they need time with their hero, their daddy. I'm happy Royce wanted to do this with just them to have some special time each week to look forward to. Him taking time to spend with the girls and giving himself to them makes him so special to each of them. They are so proud of Royce and like to show him off. Rasa said to her friend last week over and over, "wanna come and see my Daddy?!", "This is my Daddy" as she smiles and gives his arm a tight squeeze. The benefits of Royce being a hands on dad is that the girls love being around him because of how he makes them feel and in turn he loves being around them because of how they make him feel.

I can't wait to hear all about their morning and what they did and learned.

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