Thursday, October 13, 2011

Good Morning!

The girls get up really (really, really, really, really) early! Correction: Rasa gets up really early and then wakes up me and Adia (both of us could easily sleep until 9 every morning!). The loft where they have all of their play things is only down the hall from our bedroom so I left them with their breakfast to sneak back to bed hoping they would play a while before noticing I was gone. Ten minutes later Rasa wandered into my bed wanting to play peek-a-boo under the covers giggling, jumping and wiggling! Adia heard her laughter and came a running. It didn't matter that I was pretending to be asleep or that I tried to hide under the covers, they just kept on giggling and playing until finally I agreed to join in on the fun.
Tired or not these two make it impossible to have a bad morning!

(PS and off topic...that is Stockmar modeling beeswax in Rasa's hand that she's warming and not only is it waaaaay better than playdoh, it has the most amazing natural smell it's like something straight out of Aveda).