Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat!

It's 9:30 and we were surprised the girls are actually sleeping! Filled to the top with candy I figured it would be a long night (knock on wood they are actually out for the night!).

We had fun today. Carol from ECFE came by for a home visit to play with the girls and brought a bin full of rice and scoops. They were totally focused for almost 45 minutes! Carol suggested tracking Rasa's sleep habits and bringing up anything out of the ordinary with our Pediatrican. Rasa wakes up a few times a night still and then is up very early.

After Carol left we made pumpkins out of construction paper and decorated them with crayons, markers and stickers. We had lunch and naps and then a pizza party later on. Gabby and the girls played out with the other neighbors and anxiously awaited trick or treating. It was fun, not terribly long, maybe six or seven houses and then in to check out the candy stash. Rasa and Adia let Gabby do all of the work knocking on the door and saying "trick or treat". They mostly just stood there with their bags open and then whispered "thank you" lol!

It's fun to relive some of these childhood favorites as a Mom. I actually had fun trick or treating too :)

The girls with their candy stash! It's weird they almost look like twins in this pic : P
PS notice the chocolate ring around both of their mouths lol!

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