Friday, October 14, 2011

Rasa, Rasa, Rasa

Rasa and I were snuggling on the bed yesterday afternoon and when she sat up the light coming through the window just illuminated her and I asked her if I gave her some candy (yes of course I have to bribe my kids to let me take their pictures!) if she would let me photograph her. She was game so I grabbed my camera and a handful of hot tamales and knew I had no more than five minutes!

After I loaded the pictures on my computer I was shocked at how mature and grown up she looked. I actually teared up a little. My sweet little babe, the girl who is literally attached to me all day long (even as far as when I walk her grabbing onto my leg and hobbling along). Won't be long before she grows out of that and I long for her sweet touch.

*This is her signature "funny face" lol!

*Rasa set up this picture and then asked me to review the image after the first time I pretended to take a picture of the owl and then got busted for not having proof.