Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Halloween!

The girls and I have been having fun all month doing different autumn/halloween activities when Daddy is away at work (sorry you miss out Hun :( ). We've been to a maze, a big swimming corn pit, the pumpkin patch, a small local farm (with piggies and cows - Adia's favorite!) and went on a hayride with Nana last week. The girls like Halloween and I was surprised a month ago when decorations in stores started going up that they even remembered from last year what it was all for!

Royce's work hosted a family halloween party we went to Thursday night. It was really fun, lots of little kids, treats, prizes and a pizza party. Some of my old friends and co-workers were there with their little ones too which was really fun for me as well.

Tuesday night we were pondering what the girls should wear since it was an indoor party and their costumes they have are made for outdoor trick-or-treating. Rasa spoke up right away and said "I wanna be a princess". Weird, I know. Adia agreed so off I went to find princess costumes. I opted to buy the dress up clothes instead since they were the same price but better made and could be used for years. I picked up a box of plastic heels and some sparkly hair clips and we were all set. When I got home the girls ripped everything out of the packaging and tried it all on so excited that we couldn't get them to sleep that night and little Adia slept clutching on to a pair of her plastic high heels!

Thursday morning comes up and the girls are asking every five minutes when the party is. After naps I started getting them ready and put them in white onsies underneath since the dresses were a little big. Adia's all set to go and Rasa is giving me a vibe that I'm starting to wonder about. I tell her it's time to put her dress on so we can go and she puts her hands on her belly stroking her onsie and says, "soon. not right now". I tell her we need to get going and remind her she needs to wear a costume. She said "No. I'm going to wear this". I was like the heck you are. I spent my Tuesday night fighting crazies at Target for last minute costumes and there is no way I'm bringing you to a party wearing a short sleeved onsie! I calmly tell her if she doesn't wear a costume than no one will give her candy. She thinks for a minute and then yells "put me in my dress!" Candy is the best tool. Of course Rasa's not having the princess shoes and makes me put her in her london boots but whatever. At least I talked her out of her pink baseball hat. Something about the hat with a snowwhite dress just didn't work!

We get outside and ready to load in the car and I tell the girls I need a quick picture. They run half way down the block before turning around after hearing me say if they don't let me get a picture we're not going hehehehe. Check this out lol!

I call it princess complex. Yes it starts early, even before age 3.

Then they lighten up and off we go.

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