Thursday, October 27, 2011


So my babies are going to be three in January and while they are still my babies I'm not oblivious to the fact they are little girls with opionions, wants and thoughts all their own (how could I be they scream it at me everyday!). Our sleep routing has changed slightly over the years but they still nap once a day and we still sooth them into their sleep. Tonight when I was sitting in the rocker in the dark holding Adia like a baby (she likes it that way!) Rasa was settling in on the floor on a pillow with a blanket over her head. I always sing a lullaby to them but tonight I asked if they wanted me to just to make sure. They both said yes and I sang, in the dark, rocking my baby while thinking loving and sweet thoughts about Rasa by my feet.

The song I sing most is a Music Together lullaby that I changed just slightly to include the girls names:

Sleep Rasa Bea
Sleep Adia
I will keep you safe and warm
So sleep
Sleep, Sleepyheads

As I sing it relaxes me and the girls just float into a calm peace before falling fast asleep. It's this time that I'm so thankful for right now knowing someday, maybe soon, I wont have this time with them. Some night they might tell me not to sing to them. It gives me time to reflect on my heart and my love of being a Mom, being their Mom. It gives me a peace and happiness about my family even after the most frustrating and trying days.

Nights like tonight it makes all of the pain of being committed to helping them sleep night after night, during my own illness or exhaustion, after long days when all I really wanted to do was put them in their beds and close the door, so worth it because like the saying goes; they are only young one time and its gone in an instant.

Tonight I treasured the moment and my blessings and remembered that one time when I longed so badly for a baby that I was promised I would be blessed more than I could imagine in my wildest dreams. Thank God for Rasa and Adia.

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