Tuesday, October 11, 2011

good night sleep tight Adia

I was snuggling on the couch in the dark tonight with Adia layng across my lap at bedtime and she shouted, "I'm going to see piggies and cows!!".

Me: "Oh in your dreams you're going to play with piggies and cows?"

Adia: "Yes"

Me: "You can dream about anything, go anywhere and be anything!"

Adia: "Me going to see piggies and cows and, and, and ELEPHANTS!!! A baby and a baby kitty too! And you can come too Momma!"

Me: "Yay!! We are going to have so much fun in your dreams tonight, Adia!"

Adia: "Yes. And We are going to go to the beach! And there will be water and sand and we can walk in it and it will be easy. We will have to have our shoes on. We are going to get yogurt out of the fridge and bring it to the beach and Papa's going to come, I'm going to come, you're going to come and Rasa's going to come in her swimsuit. I'm going to wear my swimsuit too."

All I can say is that is some special zoo farm beach and I'm all for it!


Royce said...

Thank you my little blonde princess.

Gramma Carol said...

Hard for me to believe she actually understands the concept of dreams!! That's pretty awesome! Nana loves you IA...soooo much!