Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ah sweet perspective

So I've been commiserating a lot lately about this destructive, get into everything, explore and mess it all up phase that the girls are in. It's exhausting some days, most days. They are so dang fast I can't keep up with their trail of terror.

I was sitting at my Sisters house and we were talking (over wine....the only way to properly talk) and she was telling me stories I remembered hearing a few years ago about Shaylah writing all over the walls, climbing the refrigerator and even the time she got into Mariah's room, which was in the process of being redecorated, and snuck a paint tray into her own room and painted the walls.

I was looking at my beautiful now 5 year old niece thinking about how well she listened, how well she took direction and how independent she is. I'm thinking she's SO easy to manage! Just at that moment she walked over and grabbed a raw hot dog out of the fridge, slapped in on the counter and said, "Lissa! Do you want a wiener?" I politely said no thanks, not a fan of unidentifiable meat, and she proceeded to hold it like it was her penis, swing it all around and dance up and down with it waving it in front of the dogs face laughing hysterically.

It's just a different kind of crazy at every stage. It's entertaining....that is for sure!

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Royce said...

This story still makes me smile ear to ear!!!