Thursday, December 15, 2011

downtown Macy's 8th floor

My parents and I brought the girls downtown Minneapolis to do our annual Macy's 8th floor santa and display visit. As soon as we got out of the car Adia promptly asked, "Where is Santa??!!". I told her he was upstairs and we were going to visit him. Then she asked where the reindeer were because she needs to pet them. I told her they were probably parked on the roof eating lunch.

We did the display tour, same one as last year but the girls were so much more into it this year. Watching their little faces light up seeing the little details was so much fun. We did the puppet show this year and it was really cool.

When we went in to see Santa the girls were excited (despite their faces in the picture after I tried abandoning them on his lap). Adia told Santa she wants a pink bee (aka the pink butterfly pillow pet). She was quiet and cute. Santa asked Rasa if she wanted a baby doll and she smiled. How did he know that?!! ;) He asked what her name was and she wouldn't give it up. When he asked if her name was Billy she gave him her signature look that says "are you kidding me" and then smiled. They were slow to walk out, starring at him the entire time. It was sweet.

We had lunch again at the Skyroom upstairs. Good food and fun for the girls. They love salad bars!

We stopped in Candyland on our way back to the car and each of them were overwhelmed with the amount of colors and candies in the displays. I forgot what it was like to walk in there as a kid. Amazing! I got them each a rock sugar pop and they danced out with them in their mouths.

When I asked what their favorite part of the day was they both said Santa! Really? It doesn't look like it! Hahaha


Gramma Carol said...

SO much fun! I so much love my little girls!

Royce said...

SO awesome!!!

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