Friday, December 30, 2011

My babies, my life, my heart

Four days before you arrived!

Every year around your birthday your Daddy and I get back to a place right before you were born and we talk, in detail, about the days, hours and minutes leading up to your birth.

The world stopped, everyone and everything on the earth stood still in anticipation. Waiting and praying. Then in a minute you were here, one after another and every cell in our world celebrated with the greatest joy and love ever known to anyone!

You were meant to be. Each of you created by hand right down to your tiny eyelashes and the taste buds on the tips of your tongues. You were promised to me in my most desperate place and the idea of you overflowed me with peace and happiness instantly. "You will be blessed more than you can ever imagine" were the words of the most powerful spirit I've ever felt in my entire life. Then I let go of my worry, and I waited for you. It wasn't long, just a few months after that I was pregnant with you.

My life has been so profoundly changed by you. I WILL NEVER, EVER, BE THE SAME. Some people spend their lives looking for purpose. I don't have to. My purpose was to be your Mom.

I will spend the rest of my life trying to put into words the love, the deepest love, that I ever imagined possible for you.

My sweet, sweet baby girls I love you more than my heart can handle. I will always be overflowing with awe of you two. You are good, you are wonderful, you are magical!

Happiest 3rd birthday my loves. You grow more beautiful, more intelligent, more compassionate each day. I watch you in amazement! Look at all you can do! Look at all you say! Look at your own hearts and your own love and humility! You are so amazing!!!

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Royce said...

Pappa likes crying at work! =) I couldn't have worded it any better momma! I love you Adia and Rasa!!!!!