Monday, December 12, 2011

wrapping gifts

Royce and I decided to pare down for Christmas this year and get the girls well thought out gifts that were handmade could last forever and grow with them. Aside from the new Waldorf wool baby dolls (that they will be over the moon for) I got them each an apron made by my oldest friend, Rachel. Her and I grew up together, were more like sisters than friends and even bunked up together for a few years in college. She's all over the world now and hard to keep track of but we stay in touch and seeing her brings me back to some of the most fun times of my life. She makes an apron a day (almost) and sells them for extra cash. She's always been crafty and resourceful and when she made one of these little owls I had to have it! I convinced her to make another and got them both (score!). They are special to me because the girls will love them, help me in the kitchen with them and they were hand crafted by my dear friend so they will always remind me of her every time I see them.

Before I wrapped them up I had to snap a pic. I'll get more when the girls are dancing around the kitchen in them. I simply love them! Oh and those little wings are actually pockets!! Love!

Thank you Rachel for the special gifts. Love you!

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Royce said...

Thanks Rachel! =)