Sunday, December 18, 2011

waiting for snow!

Rasa's cheaks were cold the other night when Royce had the girls outside after dinner. I was in (I'm always freezing!) and I hear a bang bang bang at the door followed by Rasa saying, "Momma! Let me in!". She had mittens on and couldn't get the door open. She told me she needed something so her cheeks wouldn't be cold. I wrapped her in my scarf all the way around her head and she reminded me of Randy, the little brother on the movie A Christmas Story.

She's been patiently waiting for snow. It's so weird a week before Christmas to see brown grass and not a spot of snow to be found anywhere!

After we went in she was happy to be unwrapped.

Back to her full time job of caring for her babies. The other day she was sitting on the kitchen table with her baby and she was trying to get her to sit up. The doll isn't made to sit so it would fall backwards each time. Rasa realized if she held her a certain way she could sit up assisted.

She's holding her up and then says, "Momma I'm tired of taking care of the babies".

I said, "Yes taking care of babies is a lot of work isn't it?!"

She replied, "Yes, it is!".

That day I was having a hard time because Rasa had been crying and carrying on all day long. She was SO crabby and demanding. I asked her "do you have a baby that cries and whines all the time?!"

She said, "No..."

I said, "well consider yourself lucky than"

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Royce said...

She wanted to take her scarf off so she could talk to me! Too cute!!!