Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Happy St. Nicholas Day!

Last night Royce and I were up until 1 am making little elves for the girls for St. Nicholas Day. The story is that children leave their shoes outside their bedroom door in hopes that St. Nicholas will come and fill their shoes with coins or candy if they've been good and naughty littles get a lump of coal. I remember being in grade school and having some kids find candy canes and other treats the morning of St. Nicholas and their excitement. Since we follow Advent holiday's I was excited to see it pop up and know that it would be a little taste of Christmas this early in December. Royce and I had fun painting them last night (his version was scrapped - scary monster elf lol!).

Adia came downstairs and was very excited to find her treats. She didn't care if St. Nic was real or not, who made what or where it came from. She was just happy to reap the benefits of it!

Rasa walked down and found her surprise and was very excited! She crawled in my bed with her little elf in one hand and the bag of M&M's in the other.

Me: "Oh wow! Look at what St. Nic left you!"

Rasa smirks and looks at me like duh

Rasa: "This is not from Santa! This is from you, Momma!!!"

&^$?!! Is this going to be a hard sell????


Gramma Carol said...

Awesome! Happy St. Nic's day girls! Rasa, you sound like your mama when she was 4!

Gramma Carol said...

OH - darling job on the dolls! Couldn't be cuter!

Royce said...

It was such a fun project! Mine when downhill pretty quick! hahaha