Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Morning and Night

Santa left a special breakfast Christmas morning!

Christmas Eve we spent at my parents house with Nana and Poppa, Auntie Chrissy, Mariah (Cousin), Shaylah (Cousin), Olivia (Cousin), Owen (Cousin), Uncle Josh and Auntie Suzanne. It was wonderful, lots of fun and great food. Thank you Mom and Dad for the wonderful spread, the company and all of the special gifts. The girls had a great time, especially Adia, who just like her cousin Olivia, believes in her heart of hearts that she is in fact a puppy :) Olivia even fed Adia some puppy food out of a bowl (cashews and peanuts). Christmas is always special to me. My parents, even when we had no money, made it so special and wonderful and exciting every. single. year. Thank you for the memories.

Royce and I stayed up late, really late watching a Christmas movie on Christmas Eve night and 3.5 hours later we awoke to the girls screaming, "Santa came!!!! There's presents!!!!!" So up we flew out of bed to let the girls loose and watch them tear open their gifts. It was pure joy for all four of us. About an hour later we all crashed out and caught up on some much needed sleep (thank God!).

Christmas day we spent together as a family, playing, napping, eating and really enjoying each others company. Royce and I put the girls to bed early, they were spent and Royce and I started a fire. The baby monitor stayed silent but all of the sudden I peaked in the window and on noticed the light peering from the loft (playroom) and Rasa and Adia dancing in circles at about 9:30!! We put their coats and boots on and brought them out to enjoy the fire with us. It was very special even though it didn't last long, I'm glad we did it.

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Royce said...

The best few days I have had in quite some time! Thank you Lissa, Adia and Rasa! I love you three so very much!