Friday, June 1, 2012

Adia's ingenious that's for sure!

We are in another spurt of sleep terrorism in this house. Adia is the culprit. She's been coming up with every reason why she cannot go to bed or why she isn't tired. Her newest thing is she's trying to convince us that there are ghosts in her room....and monsters behind the curtains. We no longer close the curtains and now even with the nightlight in there we have to keep the hallway light on because otherwise "it's just too scary for me!". Part of it is that she's imaginative and I think it is in fact possible she believes these things to be true but the other part of me knows she's using it to hop the gate and crawl into our bed....which we spend a lot of time convincing her she's safe, there's no monsters or ghosts that live here (only beautiful people) and place her back in hers.....ten feet away from ours across the hall! We're teetering on believing her to be afraid and also knowing she loves to stay up all night with her antics!

The other night Royce and I were in our room and we kept hearing a beeping sound. Adia likes to play in my tool box and she had lifted my stud finder and stashed it in her bed! She was pushing the sides of it because it has a small red light that lights up when pushed and she was using it to light up a pile of books she was reading in bed! When Royce asked her what she was doing she replied in her munchkin voice matter-of-factly , "I'm just using my flashlight to read books quietly".

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dellis said...

ingenious and resourceful! :)