Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday funday....

I have to be honest and say that Friday was a nightmare day with the girls. We opted to try skipping naps so they would go to bed at a reasonable time and it backfired. They fell asleep at 8 pm and then woke up refreshed at 11 only to take until 2 am to go back to sleep and of course they still awoke the next morning at 7:30 on the nose! We are exhausted with the sleep issues that have once again reared their ugly head back into our house.

The problem is the girls get exhausted, overly tired to the point they can't sleep and they fall apart at the seems ALL DAY LONG. We are going back to the old routine we did when they were babies and praying that as we stick to no tv, bath time, book time, snack time, bedtime it will work....this time around!

That aside we had a great weekend! I had a session Saturday morning bright and early. Saturday afternoon/evening we celebrated my Mom's 60th birthday with the whole family (minus one niece) and it was a blast! We always have a great time together and the kids keep us all entertained! Saturday night Royce and I had a couple friends over and Sunday we were tired but enjoyed father's day with breakfast and dinner.

Since last night the girls were up off and on all night I stayed in bed until they wouldn't allow it any longer. When I did get up I got the girls ready quickly and based on their meltdown factor decided getting them out and in water somewhere was my only chance for survival today (mothering survival tip #1: when they are crabby, stick them in water). We drove a couple minutes down the road to Armatage Park to play in the wading pool and at their super sweet playground. It was nice, the girls were excited and happy and it mixed up the day. On the way home we stopped at Lunds for some groceries and stuff to bbq tonight since we got rained out yesterday for Father's Day.

I'm digging deep for patience lately with the girls and trying to walk the tightrope of sanity and insanity. Some phases are harder than others but we're in the thick of it right now as we scramble to try and find a system that works, new ways to approach difficulties and better ways to mediate. My mantra today is "this too shall pass".....cuz if it doesn't......I'm going back to work full time!!!

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