Friday, June 15, 2012

"not now"

Me: but you're supposed to be taking a nap in your beds
Rasa: Oh yea, I'm sorry, but it's not dark outside
Me: well no, naptimes typically happen during the day
Rasa: it is during the day
Me: yeah so you need to get in your beds and take a nap and stop singing lullaby's in your rocking chair
Rasa: but momma it's hard for me to take a nap. it makes me hot.....
Me: it makes you hot to take a nap?
Rasa: yeah it makes me hot to take a nap...hottie
Me: but we have a fan on and it's nice and cool in here and well, you're not wearing any clothes anyway
Rasa: I, I, I want to lullaby for my babies
Adia: but we're going fast
Me: Ok well it's time to get off the rocking chair now and go to sleep
Rasa: Well....not now...I'm rocking lullaby now
Me: you're rocking a lullaby right now? Basically we're not taking naps today
Rasa: Mom you wanna rock?
Me: um no that's ok

Giving naps up makes for a disastrous evening and an even later bedtime (go figure).....but this is turning into a daily struggle! Not sure how to proceed!

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