Thursday, June 7, 2012

Adventure Day - Lake Harriet

The girls and I packed up the car with towels, lawn chairs, snacks, water and sunscreen and headed over to Lake Harriet this morning for a fun day in the sand. Lake Harriet is less than 9 miles from our house and I've been spending a lot of time there lately both for work and for fun. We ended up on the southbeach today which is a little beach in one of the busiest areas of the park. It was full of little kids and lots of nannies and Momma's. The girls stuck close to me at first afraid of the lake water after seeing a little bit of seaweed (it's been almost a year since they've been in a lake!) but after I went in with them at first they were fine and happily played building sandcastles and tossing mud. I enjoyed watching them play so gleefully in the water.

I'm slowly getting over my phobia of "city" lakes. I still MUCH prefer secluded up north lakes because they're so much cleaner but this is pretty ok and it's fun because how cool is it to have a beach in the heart of my favorite city!

Next week we'll hit up the north beach and have lunch at Bread & Pickel (it's fantastic local food at the Lake Harriet Pavilion).

This past week we've been out walking, playing at the best playgrounds, enjoying the sun, the water and our new area. Being so close to the city is awesome because there is SO much going on all the time and almost all of it is FREE! We certainly won't be bored this summer!

So if you want to come down, join us at the beach, one of the many splash pads and pools, eat the best ice cream, cupcakes and food and even watch a free concert or movie in the park we'd love to have you come along!


Royce said...

Never enough awesome! =)

rachel said...

Harriet is definitely the best mpls lake!