Wednesday, June 13, 2012

adventures in babysitting....

So it's no secret that the girls have not been exposed to the world of babysitters. They've never even stayed overnight anywhere but where Royce and I were. We've had my parents babysit, both my Mom and Dad, alone and together and they've always really enjoyed themselves. We did have them across the street for a few hours with Jilly last summer so I could clean house (she threw them a pool party with Gabby! sooo sweet) but we've never had someone come over where we've left. It's not because I have a problem with that, at all. It's because they are extremely shy and we never wanted to put them through the stress of it all, or a babysitter for that matter!

Well, it's time. We're starting "school" classes in the fall where they will be alone with a class full of kids and a teacher for an hour once a week and so transitioning them to knowing we're leaving, and of course coming back is something we need right now. Most kids get dropped off by Mom and Dad at daycare during the week so they get lots of practice early on.

I've always been sensitive to Rasa and Adia's need for me and for security. I was not a shy child. I wasn't slow to warm or afraid to leave Momma but I understand it. Highly sensitive kids are built different. These same characteristics are helpful in their lives and can even keep them out of trouble later on because they think a while before they do and are cautious not to leap into things. Lets hope they keep some of that during their teenage years (PLEASE God!).

So today I asked the girls what they thought about, Sam, our neighbor's daughter, coming over for a couple hours to play with them. Rasa thought for a minute and said, "that would be ok, Momma". Adia burst into tears screaming, "I don't want to be babysat! I don't want Sam to come over!!" She carried on for a while begging for Grandpa instead but I kept it light and said, "no, Sam is going to come play for a little while. Mommy needs to be able to go and I'll be gone for a little bit and come home to play". After we went to Sam's to ask if she was interested the girls clammed up and wouldn't talk to her. We walked home and I told them how much fun it was going to be for them. Adia started crying again but seemed content after we talked about it some more. The fact is, she may not be happy about babysitters but she will accept the fact that they will come, she will be fine, and we will come home.

Wish us luck tomorrow! Better yet, wish Sam luck! She might really need it! And truthfully I might need it most. This is a big transition for us all, more independence and a time for change and growth. I'm not a Mom who tries to keep her children babies but knowing them so well, as attached as they are, I worry how they will be....well, because I'm just that way.

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