Sunday, June 3, 2012

bittersweet weekend

We had a wild 11 year wedding anniversary weekend! One of my best friends, Amy, and her boyfriend, Emeric (couldn't love him more!) came over Friday night to celebrate with us. Amy was one of my beautiful bridesmaids 11 years ago! They brought champaign, flowers, firewood and lots of fun energy! We had a magnificent evening.

Saturday my parents came over after we put the girls down for their nap and babysat so Royce and I could go out, enjoy the beautiful day and each others company. My parents insisted we stay out past dark but after we had a wonderful late lunch and bloody mary's at Muddy Waters in Uptown, walked the Peace Garden and around Lake Harriet, shopped Linden Hill's and had dinner we were tired and ready to come home! It was a beautiful day, MUCH NEEDED and we thoroughly enjoyed being a couple without the stress of the kids and above all being spontaneous!! Thank you Nana and Grampa for babysitting and thank you Royce for the amazing day! I love you and still think you are the cutest and coolest guy I know.

Since we were up all night Friday night we were exhausted Saturday evening. I crashed early, Royce got the girls in bed and we all slept until 9:30! I woke up Sunday morning to a few missed calls and text messages and sadly it was because my sister was hurt pretty bad and in the hospital. She took a fall down the stairs in the middle of the night after she had woken up thirsty and went to grab a bottle of water downstairs in the kitchen. She ended up with a broken jaw (in three places) a chin split open and hurt knee. After she spent the night in the ER they moved her by ambulance to HCMC to have a specialist wire her jaw shut. She's doing well, wants to go home and will be ok. She's one of the toughest women I know (always has been) so this won't put her out for long but it's hard seeing loved ones hurt and wishing you could do more to make them better.

We love you Auntie Chrissy and are sending you healing vibes and warmest thoughts, every one of us.

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Royce said...

YES! Get better Chrissy!!! Love you Lissa!