Sunday, June 10, 2012

Family fun....weekends rule!

Friday night Royce and I had a quiet night after the girls went to bed. We enjoyed a fire, some music and watched a movie.

Saturday morning we got up early because we were anxiously awaiting Royce's parents arrival!! I brought the girls grocery shopping and then we came home and got ready for Debi and Oly. We had a nice day outside visiting and catching up. The girls played in the yard and in their pool. I had to hurry off dowtown to work around dinner time. After I got home I brought the girls to get a treat and Royce built up another fire. At 10:30 pm after a day of the girls outside in the sun they were hot but not tired so I put them in a cold bath and off to bed.

Sunday morning the girls were up early so we hopped out of bed and went to breakfast at our new favorite little cafe in Edina. I packed up the swimsuits and towels and we hit up the wading pool down the road from the cafe. The girls HAD.A.BLAST! I've never seen them have so much fun EVER. Royce and I were having fun too because nothing is sweeter than seeing your kids have a blast. Needless to say we will be spending a lot of time at that pool and being that it's only five minutes from the house it's great! We spent a couple hours there before heading to pick up lunch to grill for Royce's family. Debi and Oly and Cassie, Royce's sister, came for lunch and we all hung out, grilled and visited all day long. The girls, total beat from the pool, slept most of the day. We spend the evening together unwinding (and sweating...92 degrees!) and hanging out.

I LOVE our weekends. I LOVE this area!! We have never had so many fun weekends as long as I can remember. We all love having company and hanging out. There is so much geared for families in the city and we fit in so much better there lol! We are really taking advantage of all there is to offer and enjoying every minute of it!

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Couldn't agree more!!!