Tuesday, June 12, 2012

the things they say...

Yesterday the girls were tackling me in the front yard...over and over and over! The two of them are strong enough to take me down and after they would, they'd tell me to "try and get up momma". I'd try only to have them pounce on me and take me out again. I was laying on the ground both girls sitting on top of me and Adia hops up and says, "Rasa come on! We gotta get a rope!" Rasa replies, "Yeah we gotta get a rope. Go get it!". I look up at Rasa and ask, "What do you need a rope for??" to which she replies, "We gotta tie you up!".

Huh?! What happens in a year when together I can't fight them off of me and they do in fact tie me up?!

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Royce said...

Hahaha!!! We are in trouble!!!