Friday, December 4, 2009

11 months!

December marks the 11th month for the girls. Changes continue to happen every week and I continue to feel amazed and blessed by my precious wonders. My babies are only a month away from being toddlers and they act, move and look just like they are. As this year comes to a close the changes will begin to slow down but we know one thing, we're in for one wild ride with these two!

My job has taken on an entirely new role now that the twins are so mobile. I no longer have to entertain or find things to keep them stimulated every minute of the day. They're in the discovery phase in their development right now and it's all about finding out for themselves! I now chase, catch and guard!

Both girls delight in each other. They play all day (and sometimes, like last night, in the middle of the night too). After naps they wake up and squeal and reach for each other. When we feed them in their highchairs they reach for each other and hold hands (cutest thing I've ever seen!).

This morning I opened their bedroom door and they were both up. Rasa was crawling around and Adia was walking along the crib. I turned on the light in the hallway and they both shot out of the room, down the hall and to the loft where all their toys are.

Both girls LOVE music - anything - and will bounce, bop, and groove. Of course Royce and I think this is a riot so we have daily dance party's where we all groove to dance music. It's hysterical but I don't know that I'll ever record it for fear of you all thinking I've completely lost my marbles!

Adia Carol aka Baby A, A, peanut, potato

My little instigator! Adia can spot something you've accidentally left within baby's arms reach in a split second and go for it! She's always waiting for me to leave the laptop out or my cell phone so she can grab it. She spots trouble and goes for it while screaming and giggling with excitement. When I hear Adia's little scream I have to drop everything and look to see what I forgot to pick up, and fast. She's the leader and her sister happily follows her right into trouble.

She knows when she doing something she shouldn't and hates the word "no". Oh boy. She'll either continue to do what she's doing when I tell her no and turn her head and smile OR she'll throw herself on the ground and cry. Did you know drama queen is genetic?

She's found a love for books and will stop moving now to listen to me read. If I have Rasa on my lap reading to her Adia will crawl up on top of us to get in on the action. Adia spent the past couple months being very independent and continues to be however now she likes to be included. If Rasa is on my lap, Adia wants to be there too. If Rasa is in my arms, Adia holds her arms up for me to pick her up. It's sweet really but my back is killing me!

Adia is super sweet, friendly and playful. She loves people and turns up the cuteness with smiles, giggles, waves and hugs. I think she's a show off like her Daddy.

I still get that overwhelming feeling like my entire body is melting every time I hug her. She loves her Momma and gets so excited when she gets a lot of attention. She likes to explore for a while and then stop and stare at me. When I catch her doing it she laughs and continues on her merry way.

Rasa Bea aka Bea, Baby B, Ra, Ra-B

Baby B has decided not to let the world pass her by and is now officially mobile! She used to move here and there but liked to sit in one spot and pull all of her favorite things to her. Now she's really moving and grooving. She likes to follow Adia but will also venture off on her own. She seems excited to be able to discover new things. She loves crawling into the bathroom and throwing things from the laundry basket into the tub and back to the basket again. She seems to really understand cause and effect.

You only have to show her how something works once and she gets it and will do it herself. We have this toy that plays music while tossing little balls up in the air. Rasa will hit the lever just to hear the music and dance. She could care less about the balls! Her favorite toy is a play piano because it has levers and buttons to push that play all different kinds of music. She's not really into toys except at first and only to touch, feel and taste and then she's over it. She continues to love books and to be read to. Her favorite is Big Little by SAMI. She will carry that book around all day. She bit Adia's hand for trying to take it from her. The book sits up high today because it was the root of all of my problems yesterday.

Rasa is getting a lot more social. She's more comfortable in new places with all new people. She's funny because she's very expressive and if she doesn't like something or someone YOU CAN TELL! She loves to wave hello and goodbye. She even waves goodbye to her high chair when we walk away.

Rasa gets frustrated and irritable if she's not stimulated enough. She wants to see new things regularly and needs to get out of the house often. When we spend days doing all new things she's the happiest. She keeps me challenged and on my toes and doesn't allow any day to be like the last. She is incredibly intelligent.

She still melts into me the second I cup her in my arms. Our bond is unique because we really understand each other. Rasa continues to be happiest when she's nursing and would do that all day and night if she was allowed to!

Royce and I are having SO MUCH FUN with Rasa and Adia. Never in our lives have we felt so full. Relearning, rediscovering and re-prioritizing our lives for our family has enriched us in ways never imaginable. We are not the same two people we were a year ago, we are much much more.

Bring on 2010! We can only begin to speculate the joys and amazement to come!

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royce said...

They are amazning little gems! Almost 1 year down, we are still alive, bring on 2010 is right hun!