Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Bad Ronald

I try to eat healthy and most of the time I do. Royce and I are vegetarian and have been for years and years. We do indulge in fast food on occasion but I try my best to make sure we have healthy options in the house. The girls are being raised vegetarian because our lifestyle is based on our ethical belief that all life is precious. Both girls have been breastfed since day one and still are however they do eat three meals a day of good wholesome organic vegetarian food (always organic). I take pride in giving them the best the earth has to offer.

Tonight I had Royce pick me up dinner at McDonald's (I know, the horror!). I got my usual two cheeseburger value meal (hold the burger of course) and skipped eating the fries. I left them in the bag which I left on the couch as we hurried off to my parents.

Fast forward a few hours later. I'm out shopping and Royce is home feeding and getting the girls and dogs ready for bed. He had them in their jammies and left them on the loft with their toys for a minute while he went to fill up the humidifier in their room. When he came back Rasa had two fists full of French fries and some in her mouth! Adia was eating them too all while shaking the McDonalds bag while fries are flying through the air!!!!

Let this be a lesson to me! I want to be a "do as I do" not a "do as I say not as I do" kind of Mom. Time to clean up my act! Like Gramma says "McDonalds fry's are not food!"

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