Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Fathers love

I've heard it said that a Fathers love for his daughters is like no other. I've seen it to be true and to not be true. In this house it's true in every sense of the phrase.

I'm continuously in awe of my Husband and his love for Rasa and Adia. Royce is a very affectionate and loving person naturally and I knew even back in the days of us dating in High School that he would make a great Dad. I never knew how great until the day the girls were born.

Royce saved up vacation time and took a couple weeks unpaid so he could spend a month with our new family when the twins were born. When they came 6 weeks early and had to spend seven days in the Special Care Nursery at Children's he was there - every minute of everyday. ALL of our nurses commented on it because it wasn't common for them to see both parents there so involved. Royce was changing diapers, supporting and encouraging me as I learned to breastfeed tiny twins. He was glowing with love and pride of his baby girls. He would walk in with my pumped milk and hand it over to the nurses and brag about how great his wife was doing with nursing. He was immersed in every moment of it all with love, tenderness and patience.

We were both completely overwhelmed with the schedule at first because my C-Section was at 8 pm and every three hours after that for seven days we had to get up to Special Care to change, do temps and feed the babies. Royce would run and get me food (nursing twins and pumping takes an enormous amount of caloric intake to keep up) and the hour break we would get every four hours during the day he would spend making sure I had enough to eat and that I rested.

When we got home we did sleeping shifts - every two hours around the clock. When Royce returned to work he only slept 4 hours a night for 6 months! When Rasa had colic for 6 months he would gently and patiently cradle her in his arms and rock her or bounce her up and down the hallway.

He's changed as many diapers as me, he's pulled off countless onsies that had blowout poo all up the backs of them and bathed the baby clean. He's shampooed, conditioned, lotioned, brushed hair and teeth as many times as I have. He's kissed noses, bellies, toes and fingers a million times over. He's rocked the girls to sleep every day since they came home. He's whispered "I love you so much" in each of their ears more times than they'll ever know how to count. He's been sprayed in the face with spit up, sweet potatoes and green peas. He has been there for every well check & every shot.

He's never complained, ever. He always says he wants to do it because it's a part of being close with his daughters.

You don't have to tell me he's exceptional. I know he is.

I love you Royce.

photo by Jennifer Sime Photography


royce said...

You are something else momma. Love you!

Anonymous said...

This one truly made me cry. Royce, you've become the man we had a hunch you would be from the start. We love you!