Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ying and the Yang

I write every month on the changes in both of my daughters and it's pretty obvious the differences in the two of them. They are the perfect balance of soft and hard, outrageous and shy, silly and serious. It's so funny to me because all siblings are different but these two really are opposites. They sure enjoy playing with each other though.

Last week we were playing in the girls playroom and I put some blankets over a table to create part of an obstacle course for them. Adia liked throwing herself onto the outside of the tent because the tension of the blanket would spring her back up again. Rasa crawled inside of it with her book and sat down to look through it - LOL! See what I mean :)

These are just a couple silly video's I took. Please ignore my obnoxious ramblings - hahaha when you spend 24 hours a day with babies this is what happens (click on blue underlined text for video link).

Adia jumps and giggles while Rasa sits and puts her Little People upright in their airplane.

The two of them climbing on me and refusing to wave or play with me


Lori said...

Hee hee! They are so adorable Lissa! It was very cool to hear you talk, too! In my head I was saying Ahhhdia, so it's neat to now know the right way! Looks like you have a barrel of fun with those two every day!

royce said...

Adia is tearing around and Rasa is around the corner just quietly playing!