Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's beginging to look a lot like...

CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!! I'm a huge fan (the all CAPS should have been a dead giveaway)! It's so wonderful and exciting to have a reason to get all wild over Christmas again. The past few years felt like something was missing around the holiday's and now I know what it was, Rasa and Adia. While we realize the girls wont remember any of this season's festivities, who cares! They're having a blast now and isn't that what's important anyway?

Royce strung lights outside on our big tree and little pine trees. The girls were amazed the first night we turned them on. Adia's eyes got big and she reached for them and clapped her hands. Rasa was mesmerized but only for a moment and then seemed a little bored. She was the most delighted when I put her up to the real Christmas tree for the first time and the glitter of the decorations caught her eye....she just couldn't resist and had to have a taste (don't worry - the ornaments are actually plastic).

Both girls are wild about the tree. My request to my parents was to pick the straggliest Charlie Brown tree they could find - they did well! I love it!

Yesterday we celebrated Christmas with Royce's Mom (Grandma Sue). We exchanged gifts and I made a nice lunch spread to eat. I was really excited to give Sue her gift. I designed a hardcover custom book of a hundred pictures of the girls from the past year. She got teary and said it was the best gift she had ever received (YES!). The girls were excited to play with her and had fun opening their first wrapped presents. Rasa knew exactly what to do but Adia wanted Daddy to do it. What's in the boxes? More toys!! Yahoo. They also received warm snowsuits and hats and mittens.

The snowsuits:

Adia and Grandma Sue playing - despite the fact that Adia fell right before Sue walked in the door and split the inside of her lip open (yes there was blood - OMG I did a good job of remaining calm even though blood usually makes my knees buckle) she was in good spirits, what a trooper:

The girls went down for their second nap shorty after Sue left. We invited my parents over to eat left overs in the evening and really enjoyed their company. The girls were wildly excited to see their other Gramma and Grandpa too. I managed to score a bottle of my Mom's homemade blueberry liquor - OH YEAH!

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It was a really good time.