Monday, December 14, 2009

Rasa signed fish!

We have this adorable book called "What Do You Say". It's got drawings of different animals in it and it asks what you say to that animal - for instance "what do you say to a bee? bzzzzzzzzz" get it ;-) The last page it asks "What do you say to a little fish?" and then it says "hello little fish" which is silly and cute. As I read the book to the girls I'll sign some of the animals in sign language (the ones that I know that is). Yesterday Royce was reading them this book and I haven't read it to them in about a week. He doesn't do the signs with the book because he doesn't know them but when he got to the last page and asked, "what do you say to a little fish", Rasa signed fish!! I was excited because she signs several words but most of them are words we use all the time like milk or all done. Fish is one we only use when we see pictures of fish or actual fish. It's exciting to me because she's obviously interested in them and now I know that!

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anaïs's mumma said...

that's so adorable. my lo can sign a few things. i really wanted to be very proactive with the signing, but got lazy. she's babbling though, so i recognize babbles to things, lol. it's a very strange thing, indeed <3